Leading for Tomorrow. Why Leadership Development Matters in Housing

There is no doubt a lot has changed over the past two years. The way in which we lead, manage and support our teams has undergone rapid transformation, with a need to adapt fast, lead effectively (often remotely), support people much more at an individual level and engage collaboratively with others, to be able navigate through ongoing uncertainty.

It has been a time for leaders to learn to be more vulnerable and ask for help. To let go of some things through delegating, trusting and giving people autonomy to make decisions and do their best work.

As we move forward, the ways of working and leading that are no longer fit for purpose will be gradually left behind, and a new set of tools will be required to ensure we stay ahead and attuned to what matters most.

A bigger focus on diversity, equity and Inclusion, combined with a rapidly evolving data-led technological world, a healthier work-life balance and psychological workplace safety, are all part of the future landscape. It is crucial  that today’s industry leaders are equipped for tomorrow’s challenges, as well as being ready and able to harness new opportunities to drive innovative change through the sector.

The Leading for Tomorrow™ programme is uniquely tailored to support and guide leaders through these challenges, enabling them to step out of the operational ‘doing’ and work on real life issues in a stretching and supportive environment.

A unique approach to behavioural change and collaborative experience

At Greenacre Consult we involve stakeholders, peers and learners in the design and planning stage of the programme, empowering those involved to evaluate their own learning. This creates a pathway that’s uniquely applicable to the collective and achieves absolute value, as well as proven, impactful behaviour change. Those taking part learn through real-time lived experiences, focusing on current challenges that impact at individual, organisational and industry level, whilst equipping participants with practical tools and solutions as opposed to more conventional theoretical content.

We understand how leadership trends are shaping and transforming in the post-Covid world, and we use up-to-date thinking, modern coaching techniques and a strengths-based, diversity rich, collaborative approach to achieve long-lasting behavioural change. What makes this programme different is that it provides exposure to other organisations, both from within and out of the sector, to bring in new and creative ideas. It brings together a network of leaders from across the housing sector in the UK to collaborate, share their experiences and learn from each other. At the same time, they build long lasting relationships that will continue beyond the programme and throughout their careers.

When you understand your strengths and are self-aware, you empower others to follow

Creating a space where everyone feels safe to be themselves and to give their best, and recognising how our own behaviour can help or hinder a collective process, are fundamental to understanding  how to lead effectively in today’s challenging environments. Without an understanding of how diversity, inclusivity and psychological safety play a crucial part in effective leadership, individuals and teams cannot expect to thrive and deliver effectively to their customers and communities, or to represent their needs to their best effect.

We embed this awareness throughout each section of the programme, whilst allowing healthy, connected spaces for each individual to contribute, challenge, collaborate and support one another, encouraging creative thinking and bringing in knowledge from industry leaders from both in and out of sector, to drive innovative and critical thinking, and this doesn’t stop at the end of the programme.

Participants and their organisations also become part of a growing collaborative leadership network, with exclusive access to the most current and up to date leadership thinking and best practice.

If you’d like to find out more about the Leading for Tomorrow programme and to receive the programme brochure and application form, please get in touch with Dan Short on 07730 126 444/daniel@greenacre-consult.com.

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