Five Hiring Trends That Will Be Big in 2024

2024 will be a pivotal year in which we take stock of all the transformational changes which have taken place across the employment landscape since the beginning of Covid.

As some industry segments start to push back against the turning tide of remote working, others are realising the expectations and needs of the workforce have irreversibly changed. Despite there being a shift from a candidate-driven to an employer-driven market, these expectations and requirements remain strong.

Understanding how workplace wellbeing impacts organisational success will be key when implementing an effective recruitment strategy over the coming year. With record numbers of people off work across the UK due to physical and mental health conditions, adapting and individualising the candidate offer will play a big part in attracting and retaining a motivated and happy workforce, which inevitable impacts the bottom line.

With a skills shortage still impacting every industry sector, career and skills development plans will also feature significantly in attracting and securing the top candidates to your organisation.

Here are the five top hiring trends we expect will have a big influence on recruitment tactics in 2024:

  1. The hybrid and remote work model will grow bigger: The pandemic has led to a huge rise in remote work, and it is anticipated that employers will further adopt this change to improve employee satisfaction and productivity in addition to attracting top talent.
  1. Shift back from an employer-driven to a candidate-driven market: Despite a reverse-march back in 2023 towards an employer-driven market, 2024 will see workplace transformation evolution cement what candidates want and need in terms of employment versus worklife balance, and this will heavily impact the candidate attraction process. This shift will require an openness to negotiation and the implementation of recruiting techniques that adapt to the needs and preferences of highly qualified people.
  1. Candidate experience: 2024 will see a bigger focus on the candidate experience through streamlined methods and the use of technology for an agile and timely process, as well as a more individualised and tailored service. Organisations will need to make use of emerging AI and the latest recruitment technology to provide a competitive experience for their candidates, whilst also providing the personal and human element that makes the candidate feel valued.
  1. Employee experience: Workplace wellbeing will be a big feature in 2024, and attracting, building and retaining resilient teams will become a high priority. A healthy, happy workforce is a motivated and productive workforce, and there will be an emphasis on creating work environments which support individual as well as collective needs to attain collective growth and success. Clear opportunities for development and building the key skills our industries need will also be important to attract, retain and retrain rpospective and existing staff.
  1. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: The data does not lie, and companies who hire a diverse and inclusive talent pool are overall more innovative, successful and have better outcomes than those who don’t. In 2024, hirers will be using more inclusive interviewing techniques and diverse placements to ensure they hire the best talent for the job and for building more successful, dynamic teams.

As we move forward, organisations will need to keep pace with transforming workplace behaviours and expectations, and will need to create opportunities for growth and success by making the best use of talent, technology and time. 2024 will be the year we revolutionise our hiring methods and put into practice all that we have learned since the pandemic, whilst leaving behind those practices which no longer serve us.

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