5 Tips For Inducting A New Member Of Staff

We have been carrying out some market research with our clients to find out how temporary members of staff are introduced to the business on their first day.

During this research we were taken by how organisations and individual managers differ on what best practice looks like.

The key challenges that our clients face when introducing a new member of the team are; a lack of time available, a lack of resource, no set procedure in place, or simply all of the above.

We asked our clients – ‘what do you do to ensure your new temporary member of staff gets off to the best possible start’?

The top 5 answers were:

1) Hardware, Software and Communications. Have their ID Badge / Swipe Card / Email Address ready before they walk through the door or during that first morning. We live in an age of ultra-fast contact and communications, they are not luxuries, they are essential to carry out any role.

2) Negate a bad start. Get them to arrive later than the normal start time. This helps them in case they have trouble parking or with traffic, it allows other staff to arrive and get settled and allows you time to carry out any essential actions before meeting with them.

3) Give them direction and purpose. Let them put their belongings down and make introductions; then take them to a meeting room to lay out your expectations of them and the role. What does their first week look like? What are their main objectives? Who are the key contacts they need to know? Who are the troublesome team members? Give them an idea of their purpose and how they fit into the running of the service.

4) Integrate them. Facilitate them being able to meet with their new colleagues to get to know them. They will want to understand their role within the business and how it ties in with their peer group. Offer them personal contact information and allow time for questions. It is essential that they know who their ‘go to’ people are as soon as possible.

5) Ensure their well-being.

Make sure a Health & Safety assessment is carried out, point out the communal areas, toilets and fire exits. Ensure they are comfortable in their surroundings. And lastly, show them where the tea, coffee and biscuits live.

Do you do some or all of these things? We are always keen to hear your feedback. If this is something that you have recently experienced from either an employee or employers perspective, we would be keen to hear your thoughts.

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