Helping organisations to grow and develop their leadership talent and realise the potential of their people.

We help organisations in the housing sector to grow and develop their leadership talent and realise the potential of their people.

Because we believe talent is everywhere – it just needs the right framework to flourish

Our Solutions

The world keeps changing.

Every single day leaders are dealing with new problems to solve, decisions to make and individuals they need to engage and motivate to create positive results.

Our purpose is to help grow and develop the leadership talent across the housing sector at every level. From aspiring leaders and those new to leadership roles, to mid-senior level leaders who need to continue building their skills and behaviours to be successful in the future.

We have developed a simple and practical framework for success where individuals can collaborate and learn from each other and immediately apply their ideas back into the workplace to deliver results.

Our solutions can be tailored to the needs of your organisation, or collaborative programmes that bring individuals together from across the sector that have been uniquely designed based on research and the latest thought leadership. By focussing on the challenges and behaviours that are impacting your people right now, we design content that speaks directly to your organisation and participants, making sure everyone has an engaging and inspiring experience that leads to sustained behaviour change.


The percentage of people on our programmes who have learnt new tools and techniques they can apply back in their workplaces.


The percentage of people who will be doing something differently as a result of our programmes.

Every employee wants to feel a sense of belonging and when they do they are 6 x more likely to bring their best self to work and do their best work.

We know how important it is to have diversity in our candidates, to provide equal opportunity when it comes to pay and promotions, to teach people about bias (conscious and unconscious) and respect differences.

Yet if your organisation doesn’t create a place where people feel like they belong and differences are truly valued, none of these will ultimately drive the results you are looking for when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion.

When people don’t feel they belong or included at work, or sense they have been excluded from decisions or opportunities, it can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, anger and mistrust. Which creates problems with turnover and performance.

We work with you to assess the bright spots and barriers to inclusion in your organisation. From the systems, programs and opportunities for people to speak up and use their unique strengths, to being able to contribute to opportunities and the amount of control they have over their work environment. We’ll look at whether your leaders model, respect and value the diversity of people and how well they listen, together with the practices you already have in place to support Diversity and Inclusion.

It takes everyone at every level to develop and sustain a culture and we’ll develop tailormade programmes to build belonging and help your teams, leaders and organisation to see, value and respect what makes people unique and different.

When individuals know themselves and each other better, they collaborate and leverage their strengths to be more creative and productive.

We believe that individuals are unique and it’s their uniqueness that brings what is needed to a team. Sometimes though a team, whether it’s new or existing, needs some help for a variety of reasons. There might be tension or a lack of trust amongst team members, a lack of clarity on their purpose and direction, challenges with communication, or a new member who needs to be assimilated into an existing team quickly.

We help teams to identify and build on their strengths so they can collaborate and communicate better and embrace their different working styles.

When a team understands their individual and combined strengths, they also gain greater awareness of diversity. They appreciate, engage and leverage it, making sure that everyone feels seen and heard and that they belong. And that the uniqueness they bring to the team is valued.

Our strengths-based approach to coaching teams leads to increased levels of engagement, constructive debate and connection to a shared purpose, leading to higher levels of creativity, productivity, resilience and agility.

Team tools
We use a variety of different team tools and assessments to understand the working style, preferences, strengths and development areas of your team and insight into how they are likely to react to stress, pressure and conflict.

Your people are your culture, which is why when it comes to designing and embedding one, we focus on who you’re building it for.

Culture change is hard, so we make it easier by pinpointing exactly where you want to go and why it’s worth it from the start.

The approach we take is a strengths—based and human centred one, which means we take an empathetic and open approach to looking at what’s working and how to scale it – and how to minimise what’s not.

We get specific about the behaviours, observing what’s happening now and what people are doing, thinking and feeling when your organisation is at its best. We’ll look at what’s getting in the way of people doing their best work – from the ingrained behaviours and the way decisions are made, to the policies, structures, processes, procedures and all the systems in between.

And because a great culture is about unlocking potential and growth, we identify the right frameworks to help you build and spread the behavioural habits needed for your organisation and your people to flourish.

Most of us can easily see how others need to change their behaviour, yet we often have great difficulty in changing ourselves.

99% of the time the reason we find it hard to deal with a particular situation, challenge, change or person is we hold beliefs or are in an environment that triggers negative behaviours. Which means what often lies at the heart of the issue is how people behave with themselves and others.

Our Certified Coaches combine coaching tools with behavioural science to help individuals explore their goals and challenges and increase their level of awareness to see patterns of success and limitations in their behaviour. Working together, our coaches are trained to listen and provoke thinking to help individuals reflect on their situation and come up with strategies and solutions to achieve outcomes and changes in behaviour.

We use a strengths-based approach to coaching, recognising that every individual the answer within them. Through exploring their strengths individuals will understand how to use them to overcome performance risks such as limiting weaknesses and strengths going into overdrive – and how they can use their strengths to achieve successful outcomes in the workplace. Focusing on strengths and what energises individuals helps them to refocus on the positive and boost performance levels to ensure successful outcomes.

Why GA Consult?

GA Consult isn’t an ordinary organisation.
We care about growing, developing and connecting talent in the housing sector. And we do this by working in partnership with you to deliver the right results for your organisation and your people. That’s why we don’t believe in the same approach for everyone and create solutions that are tailor made to deliver the results you are looking for, so that you can be confident they will last.

What makes us different is our fresh approach to accelerating and inspiring behaviour and cultural change, equipping individuals and teams with the right tools and skills at the right time to be able to confidently make decisions and lead their organisations into the future.

We create inclusive and supportive environments where individuals can collaborate, share their experiences and learn from each other whilst building long lasting relationships that will continue beyond the programme and throughout their careers and beyond.

We grow and develop leadership talent in the housing sector.

But don’t just take our word for it – here are a few things that the participants of the Eastern Leaders Programme 2020 have said:

"A great mix of peer support, theory and practical advice and sharing some of what I have implemented across the sessions."
"There was an opportunity to share in greater detail - we worked on some real-life scenarios and were able to offer input and advice to each other."
"The environment felt supportive and helped us gel as a group."
"Great course well delivered with time to consider - Thought provoking."
"I find the sessions are at a really good pace. They seem to naturally flow yet we always end on time having spent time on the key exercises. "
"The content is great with lots of chance for discussion and reflection. "
"Great to share and I found that ‘what’s important to you’ an interesting piece of work. Wanting high levels of security made me curious. I will also introduce curious thinking – love that and the real pearl was ‘people get grumpy when they don’t get (their strengths) fed."


Leadership Programmes

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Greenacre Recruitment are a recognised ‘Disability Confident’ employer, and we believe diversity drives innovation. We are committed to ensuring our recruitment processes are inclusive and accessible to all.