Housing Recruitment Landscape

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Housing Recruitment Landscape

Overcoming challenge has been the overriding theme this quarter for the sector. The complex macro-economic environment has been instrumental in driving increased efficiency measures, accompanied by a spike in service provision demands, which have altered the sector’s ability to remain resilient. Tightening response times and higher standards, along with the sector’s drive towards net zero, have added to the challenges, whilst many across the UK continue to be impacted by the cost of living crisis and increasing energy prices.

As a Recruitment Executive and Leadership Development Consultancy, Greenacre are busier than ever and the market shows no sign of slowing down. We’ve been supporting housing providers and individuals across the UK to deliver successful outcomes, achieve immediate objectives and cement longer term goals in the face of challenge and uncertainty.

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Process & Delivery

Is it time to get “back to basics” for service delivery?

The sector is going through some of the most transformational changes in recent history. Housing leaders must navigate the increasing demands placed on them by a number of regulatory changes, whilst also contending with tighter budgets, higher staff turnover and a growing skills gap. With so many constraints levelled against a growth in expectations, providers are having to do much more with less, and under the backdrop of an increasingly volatile macro environment.

Peter Salisbury, Director of Housing Consulting at Manifest, writes our guest piece for this edition, and highlights some of the challenges housing leaders are currently facing around service quality and building safety. Here, he explains why it’s so important to get the fundamentals right now in order to successfully navigate the future.

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Executive Recruitment

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CEO Recruitment – The Growing Concern

The role of the Senior Housing Executive has evolved. An exhaustive list of responsibilities, including fire safety, damp and mould, complaints, downgrades and financial viability are all increasing, and under ever-greater scrutiny as the sector levels up its mandate. Those with the lived experience and skills needed to navigate these changes are exiting the sector in greater numbers, leaving a widening skills gap and the inevitable fight over existing talent.

Greenacre Executive Associate Director Barry Forsythe has had many career conversations with Executives, and has a unique vantage point on the movement of top level housing professionals. He recently outlined his views on the importance of succession planning and Board efficacy for Housing Executive Magazine. Here he summarises the outlook for this vital chain of the sector, and what’s needed to overcome some of the most pressing challenges.

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Strategy and Transformation

Sector leaders share insight on navigating complexity

December saw our quarterly Leadership Lounge take place, a space where Senior Housing Leaders from across the UK come together to share experiences, insights and solutions across a diversity of business areas.

This session was facilitated by Amanda Leonard, CEO at Perfect Storm, and was joined by guest  leaders and Greenacre leadership lounge members Paul Norman, Director of Strategic Asset Management at Clarion Housing Group, and Jodie Sherwood, Director of Transformation at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. Amanda kicked off the session by sharing some key insights around current economic headwinds, the current operating landscape and sector trends. She highlighted the significant risk landlords are facing and the complexity of current challenges.

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