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The Greenacre experience


Greenacre was formed in Hertfordshire in October 2011 when we set out to offer our customers a personal, honest and quality recruitment service. This vision has been embedded in our strong company values that guarantee our customers a consistent and distinctive service across all of our business lines.
We have worked closely with our customers through a number of changes to the housing market both politically and economically, as well as the changing landscape of temporary working conditions. We put particular emphasis on staying abreast of legislative changes to ensure we provide accurate and up to date advice.

Today we have operational offices in Hertfordshire and the Midlands which service the whole of England and our sister company Greenfield which is a leading Luxembourg based recruitment and executive search consultancy.


Our vision is to be a leading specialist recruitment business which is recognised for delivering the highest standards of customer service and quality. It is our people that differentiate us as a recruitment business.

We provide an honest approach with a personal touch and we are seen as a trusted recruitment company that can be relied upon at all times, not just as a ‘quick fix’ but as a valued long term partner.

We are now about to embark on our next phase of growth. Along with our sister company Greenfield in Luxembourg, we have a clear group vision for 2020 which involves an ambitious but very achievable plan for each business.



Here at Greenacre, each and every customer experience is important to us. We provide an honest and transparent approach at all times and we focus on our customer’s core principles to tailor our approach. We value long term relationships and repeat business more than short term success. We hire people who share our values and we live and breathe these in our day to day activities. Our vision is to build a leading specialist recruitment business recognized for delivering the highest standard of customer service and quality.

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We want to work with like-minded people who share our values. Our vision is to be a leading specialist recruitment business recognised for delivering the highest standards of customer service and quality.


We ask the right questions at the right time and research our subject area to truly understand our customer's needs. By providing detailed analysis of the market we keep our customers up to date with the ever changing landscape of sector


Trust defines everything we do. By valuing honesty and open communication we aim to build trust through every interaction we have and with every decision we make.


We are with you for the long-haul. Each and every customer experience is important to us, and every customer experience is not just about the here and now, it is about the future. This is why trust is so integral to us.


We have over a decade of experience in the sector - we understand the challenges that you face and the goals that you strive for. We are uniquely placed to help your career or business thrive.


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Work to be the Number-1 choice for all of our customers
Consciously work to improve and better out business results
We go the extra mile to achieve our goals and objectives

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Deliver uncompromised quality standards to all of our customers
We get it 'right first time'
Our customers are our advocates

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Honest and open about our limitations - we seek personal self-development
Always act with honesty and integrity
Never over promise

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Are our customer's Trusted Advisors
Seek continual improvement as professional recruiters and knowledge leaders
We foster excellent relationships - we are visible, connected and service minded.

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Put the team's objectives before our own, and communicate openly with our colleagues
Support one another personally and professionally
Act in a selfless manner to achieve the team's objectives

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