What Does A Career In Social Housing Mean to You?

There are a  lot of choices out there when it comes to searching for your ideal future career. You may be bombarded with all sorts of different reasons to consider a variety of industries, pathways and opportunities. As a leading recruiter Greenacre know a thing or two about the changing work landscape, lifestyle and employment choices your generation will be dealing with, and demanding, as we head full throttle through the new digital age.

We know that you are more ethically aware and socially conscious than ever before. Over half of you now want to work for an organisation that has a positive impact on society. Half of you prefer purposeful work to a through-the-roof salary, and 53% would work harder if you were making a difference to others (Global Tolerance).

You’re So Demanding! (But In A Good Way)

As you emerge as the new dominating workforce, your generation will be demanding less hierarchy, more fluid and transparent leadership, more flexibility, more freedom to produce results rather than being micro-managed, and you will be needing to feel what you do has value to wider society. Research also shows us that if you are passionate about what you do, have more autonomy over your productivity and career pathway choices, and are encouraged to use your own individual time, ideas and what interests you to develop your role, then not only will you be happier in your job but the organisation you choose to work for will benefit too.

It’s a really exciting time for The Social Housing Industry, which is one of the few employment sectors leading the way on modernising the career choices of the younger generation in the UK. We have a very high level of young leaders rising fast through the ranks of just about every discipline within the industry, and  there is now a wider variety of career choice within the sector than ever before. Whether you are interested in social reforms, tenant support, mental health, construction, asset management, repairs, building trades, care in the community, legal, finance…(the list goes on) or even if you have no idea which industry you want to progress in but just want to make a difference, Social Housing is a really good place to start and gain vital experience, whilst making a positive impact.

It’s All About Balance

Looking for a great work-life balance? In 2014 there were over 4.2 million home workers in the UK, 14% of the UK workforce, and 73% of these were in higher skilled roles. In a 2015 survey, Social Housing emerged as one of best and most flexible sectors for employees with children or caring responsibilities. Social Housing also came tenth out of all UK industries ranking employment conditions for working mothers and families, high above most private sector industries (Working Families Group, 2017). There are plenty of other amazing benefits, including great pensions, agile (flexible) working, insurance, generous holiday time and many other uniquely individually tailored benefits that work around your interests and passions.

We are a passionate industry at heart. We are passionate about the future of social housing, and we are passionate about the futures of our younger generation. If you are interested in Social Housing as a career choice, or would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us here at Greenacre, or contact CIH (Chartered institute of Housing) for advice and a chat. CIH also have a free mentoring scheme for its members, as well as shed loads of other support mechanisms for housing professionals wanting to get ahead in their careers. Social Housing also has an enormous support network across the entire UK, to encourage, inspire and motivate each other to be our best! So join us and help us to shape the future of social housing…after all it’s in your hands.

Alma Sheren is Head of Marketing and Communications for Greenacre Recruitment, and collaborates with the team and wider network on Leadership, Human Resources, Change Management issues and the challenges and transitions currently facing the UK housing sector.

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