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Process and Transformation in Housing – What Have We Learned So Far?

With a profusion of regulatory change taking place amid continuing uncertainty, there is a growing thirst among housing leaders to reimagine traditional industry practices. AI will soon play a bigger part in driving improvement across every aspect of our services, and is becoming a key tool in addressing many collective challenges. Reduced operating costs, limited resources and a scarcity of talent is driving organisations to embrace technology to make better use of our existing skills and workforce.

We had the privelidge of interviewing Jenny Danson, Associate Director at Disruptive Innovators Network (DIN) and Head of Proptech Innovation Network (PIN), recently, who shared some valuable insights on what AI is doing to positively disrupt the sector. Jenny discussed why right now is such a crucial time to embrace innovation if we are to effectively tackle some of the sector’s greatest problems. Read the full interview in our new Technology & Transformation section.

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Executive & Governance

Aspiring Talent Tackling the Sector’s Biggest Challenges

What happens when you get together with Asset Directors, Transformation Directors, Housing Directors, People Directors and most roles in between from across the length and breadth of the country, representing every size and type of organisation, including Clarion, Origin, Peabody, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and Notting Hill Genesis to name just a few?

At Greenacre Executive’s Summer Leadership Lounge, it was a real privilege to Chair a webinar packed full of the sectors top talent, and as someone who has been doing this kind of thing for many years than I care to remember,  I love the fact that I’m still learning too – listening, reflecting, incubating seeds of ideas and being blown away by the professionalism, energy, passion and commitment of Greenacres leadership lounge cohort of senior leaders who are making a significant contribution to their own organisations and the wider sector. This group of aspiring executives and CEOs are the absolute backbone of tackling the challenges the housing sector is currently facing.

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Recruitment & Development

Not Another Article About the Benefits of Agile Working

I can hear you groan reading the title of this piece, but bear with me. This isn’t about how to manage a business through an agile lens, nor is it about the benefits of the work/life balance flexible working provides. If you want to hear about that, Julie Robinson at Greatwell Homes has written a great piece for CIH that’s well worth reading.

Here, I want to talk about the impact a truly agile approach to work can have on your talent attraction strategy, and why as an organisation it’s no longer a ‘nice to offer’ but a ‘must include’ when it comes to competing for the best candidates the sector has to offer.

We recently concluded one of the most full-on recruitment processes I’ve ever been involved in (and I’ve been involved in a few!). This was an Executive Director role to work alongside Julie at Greatwell Homes, and really opened my eyes to how their way of working gives them access to the ENTIRE market.

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Technology & Innovation

AI in Housing: A Necessary Disruption – With Jenny Danson, Disruptive Innovators Network

The UK social housing sector is currently facing a plethora of challenges, which are impacting the way we strategise, operate and perform.

High inflation, rising interest rates, reduced government funding and increased operating costs are all impacting the viability and resilience of providers across the country. We are having to become more resourceful in balancing income and expenditure and managing debt, liquidity and reserves.

Alongside this, the Regulator is driving much-needed change to ensure properties are safe, decent, and compliant with building regulations and standards. Addressing immediate concerns such as damp and mould, fire safety, cladding, carbon emissions, as well as planning for future stock investments and secured funding, are all impacting how and where limited resources are being spent.

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